Our Objectives


To promote golf and football at grassroots level through India, and raise awareness of the games.


To identify young talent, and provide them means to learn and play the game.


To develop future champions who will bring laurels to the country at a global level.

A Methodical Process

We aim to approach schools in and around Delhi NCR in the first year and identify kids with the raw talent and aptitude for golf.

Our Target: We seek to reach out to 3000-5000 kids from 50 schools . Plan to identify and cultivate new talent initially over a period of 5 years.

Screening Process: Conduct talent screening at the Performance Center (Academy). Conduct two free screenings every week comprising of 60-100 kids.

Selection: Pick 15-20 kids over the year for the sponsorship based on a screening score decided by our team of experts.

Development: Holistic training will be conducted by our Golf Instructors with fitness experts and nutritionists providing inputs. Our team of mentors will provide performance improvement tips on the technical, physical and mental aspects of the game.

Competition: The process will be underpinned by a 5 year plan which will prepare a personalized goal for each kid and conduct an annual analysis of their progress. The program will teach the kids about course adaptation and management and actively support them in the competitive tournaments.

Our Milestones

We have reached out to schools in Delhi NCR and have received positive responses from over 25 schools.

We have shared our vision and plan with Non-Govermental Organization (NGO) and have received positive responses from two organizations already. (NEEV and BAGIYA)

Our team is working on reaching out to over 100 schools and NGOs for the awareness in the coming years

Have completed over 10 screenings with batch of more than 50 students each. Organized a carvinal in which over 150 kids participated from 20 different schools from the NCR region.